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April and May, we're getting busy!

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

LOTS of events are coming up and you can find Fetish After Dark at them all!

April 29th, you can find our tent and spanking booth at Castle McCulloch's Mardi Gras of the Carolinas! A lot of folks have asked why Castle McCulloch does Mardi Gras in April. Well, while the weather in New Orleans is great around February, this year it was about 29 degrees that night. SO, instead of freezing in February, we just postpone the festivities to April and have our fun then. We will be selling Fetish After Dark t-shirts, and you can finally come and get your merch at our table! Just look for all the blacklights and neon! So come out in your sexy outfits with a mask and laissez les bons temps rouler!

On May 25th we'll be at THP Cares at the Box Car Barcade in Downtown Greensboro. All proceeds go to benefit Triad Health Project and their ongoing effort to provide free STI testing, prevention services, and support of those suffering from HIV\AIDS. It will be a big event featuring an all star list of performers belting out some of the best of Broadway. While we won't be presenting, the whole cast of Fetish After Dark will try to be out in force to support one of the most necessary charities in the Piedmont. You can also read about how much Triad Health project means to us and our community in our previous post here.


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