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Apart from our performances, we also do sexual health education and advocacy for adults looking to learn and explore. 

For our 2024 season we're working on building a series of courses to allow folks to gain the knowledge and skills they'd like to become members (and possibly leaders) within the BDSM community.  We've worked with several professionals to build a year-long series of courses that would be available once a month.  They cover everything from safety, to toy care, to manners and consent, to specific types of play.  Our Kink Spotlight blog entries are often a brief overview of some of these courses.

Course pricing is between $10 - $25 per person depending on the type of class and class attendance.  They will take place in a discreet private entertainment venue in the Triad area.  Please contact us for details.

If you're looking to have an event with a sexy educational aspect or private instruction with you or your partner, {contact us}.  Our prices vary based on distance, time, and level of commitment.  Group pricing is available.

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