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We love to show off our skills in a variety of venues - stages, public event spaces, and private homes. From a crowd-pulling extravaganza to the kind of private party fantasies are made of.  We can make any evening the night of a lifetime. 

You can find us at a variety of public events run by Castle McCulloch and The Queendom as well as private clubs and venues across the Carolinas.  We also have a great working relationship with a lot of local venues, and are happy to find you a space that meets the needs of a more private party.

We love to work private events, and are a full event management team.  We contract with DJs, bartenders, theatrical equipment rental, and a wide variety of performers to meet the needs of any party.  We can provide a wide range of performers from kink & fetish to burlesque and fire dancing.  We'd love to work with you to meet the tone and aesthetic of your private event to make it something worth remembering.

For prices on events, parties, and workshops, {contact us} .

To see what we do live, follow us on Instagram or Snapchat. 

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