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Meet The Team


At our heart, we are a group of kinky performers putting our own spin on New York style burlesque! 

We are a collection of professionals with over 40 years of combined experience showcasing performance art, fetish neo-circus, burlesque, fire dancing, and sexual health and wellness education. 

Nine guiding principles make up how we educate and do business

Fetish After Dark isn't satisfied with being like every other fetish and performance organization. We want you to be able to feel free to have fun within a safe environment. By holding ourselves to a higher standard, we bring excellence to every event we run.

  1. Informed Consent: You have the right to say yes or no without pressure, and to a full explanation of an activity before agreeing to participation. You have the right to be touched only after consenting and not before.

  2. Acceptance: You will be able to be accepted for your gender, sexuality, race, religion, age, ability, and body type. We will not accept hate speech of any kind.

  3. Privacy: You should be able to participate without the fear of exposure to the public, and have the right to demand explicit consent for any form of recording. We do not allow photographs or videos without the explicit consent of everyone being recorded.

  4. Safety: We will take reasonable precautions to ensure everyone's personal health and well being are being protected. You have the right to know what sorts of cleaning products and safety measures we use. We will require that everyone who participates does so in a manner that is within those safety parameters.

  5. Participation: Participation is completely voluntary.You are welcome to participate at any level, and you should not feel pressured to participate.

  6. Stewardship: We ask that people always be respectful of the space, furniture, and toys. We would like to always leave a space in the same condition or better than we found it.You should also be respectful of other's property and always ask before touching or borrowing something.

  7. Education: You should feel comfortable asking questions and learning. We will always try to foster a safe space to ask questions about anything we do without judgment, and to provide as many teaching opportunities as possible.It should always be possible to learn from those who are willing and able to teach.

  8. Civic Responsibility: We will continue to encourage the healthy growth of our community, and you are encouraged to become involved if you wish. We also expect those who are active members of our community to be a good representatives of our community's values.

  9. Accountability: You should feel comfortable coming to the staff or organizers of Fetish After Dark with concerns about an individual or activity. We will be open to those concerns, and will take action when necessary.

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