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Why we support Triad Health Project

We've gotten asked why we, a group of event planners and fetish performers, do so much work to support a local charity. Triad Health Project (THP) has been the area's leading HIV testing center since they started in 1986. Founded at the height of the aids epidemic, they've provided free testing, education, support, and provided sexual health and wellness products to the public. Many of us who went to college in the area encountered them as the only sex-ed that the university would provide. They've supported LGBTQ+ groups in the area for years as well as facilitating advocacy for women's and transgender rights. These days, they do everything from housing and food pantry assistance to pregnancy testing to medication and medical referrals.

Why do we support them? We've got friends who are kept alive by their outreach and services. They're one of the few STI testing places that will never judge you for your sexual history. They just assume that you are seeking testing or support for a legitimate reason, and they provide it. So, not only do they keep our friends alive (and we like having friends), but they also provide us with free testing and sexual health materials that keep us safe and healthy. It's a little self-serving but we like being alive, and we like not having to pay a lot of money for it.

On May 25th, they're having an event called THP Cares to raise money for testing, food & housing support, medication, and other outreach operations. We'll be posting more about this event as it's announced, but keep your calendar open to hang out at BoxCar Barcade on the evening of Thursday May 25th. We'll be there, and so will a lot of other beautiful kinky people!


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