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WTF is Cheap Fetishwear? (and where to get it)

There's a lot of events that have an expectation of fetishwear or maybe you're looking to dress up kinky to the club, gay pride, or a kinky party. But there's a lot of range of expectations of what fetishwear can be.

You can find our post on kinky costumes here but that doesn't go into what IS fetishwear and what's expected at one of these parties.

Fetishwear is anything that allows you to be recognized as kinky or a member of a kink community. While that can be an outfit like a Pup, Slave Collar, Harness, or a Leatherfolk's Vest, they don't need to be specific to a recognizable community. Anything like leather suspenders (the ones from Stockroom are pictured above), a fetish mask, a corset, or any accent piece that indicates to the community that you are looking to be included in the kinksters.

The upside of this is that you don't need to break the bank to do it. While a beautiful latex or leather outfit can really make a statement, you don't need to go all out to have it be considered fetishwear.

Get yourself a nice white button up shirt, a pair of dress slacks, and those leather suspenders really send a message. If you've already got some business wear, you can put together a fetish party outfit for less than $100.

With Spooky-Kinky Season coming up, we're dropping a list of our favorite outfit websites that aren't Spirit Halloween, Adam & Eve, or Spencer's Gifts.

And as always, be creative! You would be amazed at what some horseback riding or motorcycle shops have. Leather motorcycle pants are priced reasonably because they're built to take a lot of damage and be reasonably disposable. - There are so many kinky vendors on Etsy that we simply can't list them all or even recommend one over the other. Let your fingers do the talking and follow your personal interests. The site even responds excellently with vague searches, so wander and find your own style. - JT Stockroom is the largest BDSM toy retailer online, they have a nice (if small) fetishwear section. While they don't have much in the way of variety, everything they do have is top quality and very competitively priced. - We don't generally like "cheap" corset sites, but Corsetdeal has great quality, and there's always something on sale. They also have an entire section for men's corsets and bespoke men's clothing. Something incredibly rare in the general aspect of corset culture. - For those of you Steampunk enthusiasts out there, this is your place to find that historically accurate piece you've been seeking. More historical accuracy than kitschy costume pieces, they've got a massive selection of accessories. - For the goth who needs that perfect accessory. They don't carry much clothing, but they are the go-to website for all things vampire and dark magic accessory and jewelry. - less high end than JT Stockroom, they have a lot more mass produced kinkwear for men and women.

This is just our list. Obviously, there are thousands of reasonably priced places out there. Make a statement with something that people haven't seen and you'll stand out from the crowd. And, in actuality, that's all this really is!


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