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Why September's Glitter Ball was Cancelled

Friends, lets back up to September. We were supposed to have a glitter ball. The furniture and toys were packed. We had outfits, 2 lbs of glitter makeup, and a brand new DJ system. We had T-shirts (ACTUAL MERCH) printed and ready for sale.

Then, 48 hours before the event, we got a call from a representative of the venue. They let us know that the owner of the venue no longer wanted to honor their contract. We had an agreement about requiring vaccine cards, masks, and other COVID safety measures. This agreement had been in place since JUNE. However, the owner thought he could call our bluff and demand that we drop our safety measures OR change the event to the following weekend with 48 hour notice.

After a lot of phone calls and negotiations, the owner wasn't willing to honor the contract.

So we cancelled the event.

We're not willing to compromise the safety of our community to appease the ego of the venue owner. And we're never going to work with that venue owner in any capacity in the future.

Fetish After Dark does not play with our community safety.

So, in the interest of transparency and safety, we can not in good conscience ever do business with that venue or it's owner.

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