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What Sexy Things Will You See Friday Oct 28th At Castle McCulloch?

Our fans know that every show we do gets new props, costumes, performers, and performances, and while we do like to bring some fan-favorites back, we always bring the thunder. So, without giving too much away, we've decided to tantalize folks with a taste of what you all can find on the main stage at Fantasy Fetish Friday. Kass has been busy making stage blood packs, pyrotechnic devices, and other fun props for the past 6 weeks, so this will be something new to amaze everyone!

  • First up, we've got a more gothic version of our fire, knives, and wax show we did last year. Only, we're bringing more fire, more knives, and more wax. (We get dangerous when we're bored).

  • Then we're having 3 sirens on stage with one hapless man caught between them.

  • Our third set goes out to all our crazy friends as we bring the asylum to the stage and treat a poor patient.

  • The last performance of the evening is a fight to the death between a vampire and her huntress.

After all that fun, you can still find us on the main stage running the Fetish Fashion Show (with nice prizes) that's being sponsored by our friends over at Kinky Trivia, and then opening up the stage to you kinky people! That's right, for the remainder of the show you can buy a ticket to get up on stage and play with us.

Want a photo? We'd be happy to chill with you at the photo booth on our breaks and have the professionals give you a photo we hope you'd be too scared to show on Facebook.

We've also got other friends coming to the event. Mr McSpanky, Fat Unicorn, Chromaknotz, and Gourmet Getaway are all vending. We've got Tar Heel Leather Club bringing back their world class bootblacks to clean, condition, and polish your leather shoes. Karol Helms will be swinging around and being one of the most beautiful circus performers we know.

This will be a show to remember.


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