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We have great ideas, but it's all pandemic-y outside (Munch part 3)

So, we're postponing the D-type munch to March. The venue in January was open to us having the event in a back room at separate tables. However, with the world not rapidly improving, they're limiting the groups to 6 or fewer.

As such, we simply can't get the venue. We're okay with this. This is how the world has been for the past 2 years, and we're rolling with the punches because that's all we can do.

We are optimistic about the new numbers and vaccine data coming out this month. While New Years was rough, it does seem like we are getting ever so slightly better with each wave. We'll keep planning and we will keep being a beacon of kinky hope for when we can see all of your faces again.

For folks who want private events, we will be re-evaluating our pause on those in March as well. We are thinking we'll be requiring temperature checks and proof of vaccination from all attendees, but if things continue to improve, we might be back open to doing private events by June.

Please take care of yourselves both physically and mentally in these trying times. There are those out there who care about your well-being, and there is help for those who are struggling. We miss you all, and will see you on the other side.

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