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We did a sexy thing, and we're coming back again in April!

Photo by Bert Reed
Some of our performance this October at Castle McCulloch: Photo by Bert Reed

The show this year absolutely kicked ass! Not just us, but every performer pulled out an amazing performance. Even the audience was spectacular, and you all know you who you were who brought your 'A' game. We had the Pups of the Triad come out in force, a massive showing by Tar Heel Leather Club, and a ton of familiar kinky faces in the crowd.

So it comes with some sadness to say that we're not doing the event again in October of next year... BECAUSE WE DID SO WELL WE'RE GETTING OUR OWN FREAKING WEEKEND!!! That's right kinksters, we're getting a Saturday that promises to be much warmer and not during Homecoming.

APRIL 29th is the date you want to mark in your calendar. That's not to say that we won't be at Castle's Mardi Gras in February, but we'll be putting most of our efforts towards.

Photo by Bert Reed
Another performance this October at Castle McCulloch: Photo by Bert Reed

However, there is a rumor that Castle might start selling discount tickets for the next show in their lineup at the show before. That's a complicated way of saying that if you go to Mardi Gras in February, you'll be able to get discount tickets to the April show, where you can get discount tickets to the next show after that. This is to give a serious discount to all of the regular attendees!

So, mark your calendars for April 29th, because we're coming in hot!

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