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Parties, Packages, and Pricing

We've been getting some interest in our party planning, and while we're working on a pricing menu, we wanted to update you all on all of your options! As with ALL of our services all NC and Federal decency and ABC laws still apply.

Public Event Planning - we work as consultants for some of the largest public parties in the Carolinas, as well as providing performers for their stages.

If you're a venue owner looking for a casual kink night our typical costs start at $200. If you're wanting to host an event that is even more involved, we can be extremely accommodating depending on what you need.

Full Party Planning - This is perhaps our favorite thing to do. We sit down with you and manage every aspect of your dream party. This allows us to have the time to work out every theme, fantasy, performance, and work within your budget. We can take care of everything from custom tickets and invitations to staffing events of all types. Best of all, we waive all consulting fees when you plan an event with us!

We've got kinky and erotic services for private parties and public events:

Burlesque fetish performances - By far our most popular service, you get 2 or more performers doing a variety of scenes up close and personal with you and your guests. These are trained performers and can do a variety of kinks you only dream about. All NC decency laws still apply.

Strippers - A classic with a variety of parties. We can accommodate music, performers, and their travel. In a private setting they are surprisingly more affordable and intimate than you'll get at the club. The drinks won't be watered down, and you can enjoy it in the privacy of your own space. All NC decency laws still apply.

Erotic fire performances - There's a lot of fun fire performers in the area, but we know which ones like to get mostly naked and really play. There are privacy limitations as the more extravagant performances need to be done outside in a discreet area, but we can accommodate some indoor spaces with more reserved performances. All NC decency and fire safety laws still apply.

Toy parties - An extremely popular bachelorette (or divorcee) party theme, we partner with a local toy vendor to bring the shop to you.

Kink and adult sex ed - One of our more popular options for bachelor and bachelorette parties, but we recommend it for couples as well. We've got a refresher course on spicing it up in the bedroom as well as an introduction to kink and how to get into the local BDSM community. Want to get into all the private parties you don't see advertised on Facebook? This is how you get access and learn the etiquette so you keep getting asked back.

Dungeon and Dragons in the Dungeon - Not just running a D&D campaign for you where the world is filled with sex and magic, but we've got kink performers and strippers who absolutely love to play as well. Nothing better than the the players of your bard and rogue doing it in lingerie. We also have male and female DM's to fully run your game!

We've also got additional services as add-ons:

Whiskey and Cigars - a classic pastime written about in stories both old and new, but have you done it with whiskey and cigars curated by a tobacconist and mixologist? We get a list of what you likes and dislikes and build you a custom whiskey flight for you and your guests accompanied by the perfect pairing of cigars (and the wooden matches to match). All NC ABC laws still apply.

Gin and Charcuterie - the ultimate afternoon tea party, we have curated 5 of the most interesting gin cocktails, many made from locally distilled North Carolina gin. Combine that with a charcuterie board that matches the flavors of each drink, and you've got one hell of a party! Want your wait staff to be dressed in their finest kink or sexy formal, and we can accommodate that as well. All NC ABC laws still apply.

Erotic Tea Party - Ever since Alice in Wonderland, we've thought of a girl in a bunny outfit serving us tea and biscuits. We've paired with a local tea shop to bring formal tea service to you with a kinky flare. Want a sexy librarian or dominant reading you erotic poetry or erotica while you enjoy your party? Even better!

Private bar-tending service - Nothing says you actually brought the party like a mixologist in fetish wear bartending your event. Looking for that super special drink you couldn't find at the ABC? We've got three different import businesses that can get you the ingredients for that signature cocktail (only guaranteed in North Carolina). Want to have custom crafted cocktail syrups? We've got a crafter who can build you something unique for your party. This is only available for private events. You just bring the booze and we can provide everything else. All NC ABC laws still apply.

DJs - there are a lot of kink friendly DJs in the area, and we know most of them. We've got people who will spin music to your taste and stay discreet when you get frisky on the dance floor. These are a must for any big party or occasion.

Sound and Lights - We can light and staff large events, and even partner with a kink-friendly sound and lights company for even bigger events. We can guarantee full systems at any level of need.

Party Locations - Want to have a party in an actual BDSM dungeon? How about a kink friendly B&B, or even have your own space tricked out with BDSM furniture for the weekend? Great for honeymoons or BDSM parties, we can get you the furniture you see in porn right there in your bedroom (doorways permitting).

BDSM furniture, dungeon, and webcam set construction- Why buy something off the shelf when you can have something custom built for your home. Much of the cost of BDSM furniture is in shipping, and there's not many remodelers who will help you build a dungeon. We are also able to take existing furniture and do on-site modifications to discreetly spice up your bedroom. We even have kinky electricians, multimedia system's specialists, and IT specialists to make your cam space the kinky playground your follower's fantasies.

Pricing - Pricing is flexible with different performers, but with the price of gas and shipping, we're currently unable to specifically price out any of these things online. It's not that we don't know what they currently cost, but we can't guarantee the cost tomorrow. Also, at the time of this blog entry, some things have gotten cheaper in recent months, and we haven't formally revisited those prices to adjust them down. We do honor price quotes within 60 days, so just contact us if you're looking for kinky events both public and private!


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