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Fetish Outfits in the Triad

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Last year we dropped a post about how to get reasonably priced fetishwear (You can read it here) Recently a local business pointed out to us that almost the entire post was about online resources. Well... shit. Yeah. We weren't recommending Amazon or anything like that... but there's a lot of good resources in the Triad (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point) area. If you're farther afield, this is also for you, just without the specific recommendations.

Firstly, you're going to need to change your expectations. You're not going to a fetish specific store to get clothing. Please be open about seeing outfits out of context and try to picture them in a more erotic setting. Very few places are going to have a manikin set up as a dominatrix, and context influences our imagination and decision making. It helps to bring a friend or two to keep the fetish setting fresh in your imagination.

Secondly, be open with changing ideas and concepts. You might start your shopping trip looking for something like a corset with a fishnet bodysuit and end up with a stretchy velvet romper with a waist cincher. It's still tight and has a similar silhouette and is a variation on your original concept.

Thirdly, you are probably not going to find everything at one store. In fact, you'll end up driving quite a bit to finish an outfit, so block out the time and the mileage to get it done.

For our performers, they shop at three types of local of stores to get their outfits:

  • Vintage & Trift

  • Specialty shops

  • Big Box Stores

Vintage and thrift shops are our first stop. They change regularly. It's more affordable. They are usually laid out for people to take the clothing without influence of a theme. Burlesque and fetish performers haunt Goodwill on an almost constant basis. If you've been to our performances, we aren't buying evening wear to cut off from Fredrick's of Hollywood. We also find amazing gems that end up being primary outfit pieces. As for the vintage and 2nd-hand shops, the Triad has some amazing ones. Carolina Thrift... if you're reading... we miss you.

  • Goodwill (everywhere) - Yes: on every level but selection. You have to come regularly and with an open mind. They also do great service work for the local community, so spending money there doesn't make us feel bad.

  • Design Archives (in both Greensboro and Winston-Salem) - A consignment art and clothing place where the owners also seasonally stock some costume type stuff.

  • Major Tomms oddities & vintage (Winston-Salem) - A strange nook that does have a vintage section in the back. They've got a lot of pieces that you could build an outfit around.

  • Vintage To Vogue (Greensboro) - A vintage and consignment place that has a lot of burlesque type clothing. The owner is pretty kink and performer friendly, and their people are helpful to those who are looking to build an outfit.

  • Putting on the Ritz (Winston-Salem) - Originally a costume and formal rental place, they sell vintage stuff as well as all of the formal wear.

  • Songbirds Bridal and Formal (Greensboro) - A 2nd-hand shop for everything from wedding gowns to evening wear. They've a small men's section as well.

  • Reconsidered Goods (Greensboro) - An oddity that has everything from clothing to furniture to bolts of cloth. If you're needing to modify an outfit, check here before hitting up a fabric\craft shop. They're also a charity, so it's another place that makes us feel good.

  • We've put up our favorites here, but there's lots everywhere. If you're in Asheville or the Triangle, then you probably already have a list of places.

Specialty Shops are places where we know we can get something out of the norm. These are our 'novelty' shops and other places that fill in that outfit with the accessories that take it further into the realm of fetishwear. Also, places like motorcycle shops and other specialty stores can often outfit a specific fetish (we do love leather). However, unless you're wanting to drive all the way to Zach White Leather in Ramseur (who are not kink friendly BTW), we don't have a recommendation for you.

  • Adam & Eve (everywhere) - yes it's a chain, but they're individually managed. The ones in the Triad make a serious effort to have some kinkwear, and they've always have

  • Romeo and Juliet (Winston-Salem) - They've recently been working to get more fetish related things.

  • Miranda's Adult Toy Store (Greensboro) - An independently owned adult toy store

  • Peaches (Greensboro) - A relatively new shop on Spring Garden. They're small but have things we've not seen elsewhere.

  • Terra Blue (Greensboro) and other New Age Shops sometimes have cloak, masks, and belly-dance outfits that can easily become a party outfit or part of a house 'uniform'

Big Box stores are for our basic needs but we are amazed what we can find at some of them. Obviously, we do try and avoid recommending a billion-dollar corporation. It's not that we all don't shop there, but you don't need our recommendation. Target, Marshals, Hot Topic, and Walmart exist. Some are better than others, but if you need that chain belt, skin-tight tank-top, or black tie, you probably already know where you're going. We will point out one gem which is the Dillard's Clearance Center in High Point at the old Oak Hollow Mall. It's packed with everything that hasn't sold in a year and is sorted by size rather than design (super useful). Everything is on extreme discount and we can't recommend it enough.


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