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February Spotlight: Sexy Merch

It's been a while since we've seen all you beautiful people, and we've got new stuff in the works. Back in August, we got t-shirts and tank tops (both unisex) printed with our attractive logo. We went through a vendor who kind of did us dirty through fudging the numbers. However, they were the only local print company who could get us the clothing company line we wanted.

ALL of the merchandise is %100 cotton, white on black screen print (not heat bonded), and is from a company known for ethical business practices and ethical sourcing of materials and labor. That does mean that they cost a bit more than we would have liked. Still, they're $20, which we think is really reasonable considering the value we've put into them.

We'll be eventually expanding the design out to other products and possibly even getting some embroidered things. However, we've got to sell this stuff first.

While we got this stuff to sell at our event, COVID is kicking our butts when it comes to getting a venue and organizing an event.

So, we're not going to open up an online store, and we're not going to ship it to you unless you contact us and want like a whole bunch of them. However, we will have limited inventory at any event that we officially attend, and you can buy them out of our trunk.

Until next time kinksters - stay safe and sexy out there. We miss you all.


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