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December Update!

Hey Kinksters!

We miss you all. It's been a weird 2 years, and we've not seen you all due to COVID.

However, with vaccinations and the world stabilizing a bit, we're back in negotiations with a new venue to bring back our monthly events!

We're also expanding the Fetish After Dark team, and we'll update the website (and our Blog) to welcome and introduce those folks as they become official.

However, we do need to have a hard conversation about safety. There's not much LESS socially distant you can get than kink/BDSM and we're wanting to keep you all safe. It's right there in our 9 principles which you can read here!

This is NOT a suggestion but a duty to you all, and we can not make exceptions

As such, when we come back, we're going to need to take some COVID precautions.

  • Proof of vaccination (The entire staff of Fetish After Dark is vaccinated)

  • Masks when not eating or drinking (this does mean masks during play)

  • Temperature checks at the door (Sorry, but you can't be above 99)

  • We will have to be VERY specific about toy sharing and will have to clean everything thoroughly every time it's picked up.

  • We will be limiting the variety of play that we will have on the menu, and each month will be different.

This is because we love you all, and for your safety, the safety of our other attendees, as well as ours. Some of our people live with folks who have limited immune systems, and we need to take care of their needs as well.

We completely respect that there are those who can not be vaccinated due to health concerns; however, our event is not safe for those individuals. We have consulted with a legal team as well as an ADA administrator and these restrictions fall within state and federal laws. It's our event and we won't argue about it.

Please take care of yourselves. We'll see you all on the other side!


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