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We're Returning to Fantasy Fetish Friday!

Come out on October 28th at 8pm to Castle McCulloch's Fantasy Fetish Friday!

Last year was so successful that we're doing it again, and you can find the Fetish After Dark crew performing once again on the Main Pavilion Stage behind the Castle.

Last year we wanted to be a little secretive about the details of our performances (and we're still not giving everything away). However, this year we wanted to let everyone know that we're already in rehearsals for a brand new show. We'll still bring back some of the same favorites with fire, explosives, knives, and fake blood, but it will be brand new scenes. We've also got some new performers working with us who are bringing a lot to the show! Needless to say, we took last year's success to mean that we had to be even bigger and better than before. So we've got more special effects, more extravagant costumes, and more kinky toys.

For those of you looking to be a part of the fun, we're still sponsoring the spanking booth as well as running an interactive show on the main stage at the end of the night.

And for those who have been thinking about springing for the highly coveted VIP tickets, we're also working with some other kinky friends in getting the VIP's their own BDSM performance group. Yep, if you spring for the ticket, you don't just get food, drinks, and better seating. You get your own private performances with kinky folks who might just be willing you play with you as well.

We've also got the Fetish Fashion Show returning this year with cash prizes, awards, toys, and a special guest sponsor: Kinky Trivia. So grab your best kink outfits, because you can win big!

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