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The only way to get into kink (and it's not a secret) is to find it in person.

We get asked by a LOT of folks "how do I get into kink", "can you help me get into BDSM", "my wife\husband\partner and I want to get into it, but don't know where to start", "can you teach me to be dominant", and a variety of other similar questions. We LOVE helping people get into the scene and spicing up their personal lives, but we have basically the same answer to all of these questions: COME OUT TO PUBLIC EVENTS!

As kink professionals and performers, the Fetish After Dark crew has a combined 75 years worth of kink experience. We're also proud members of our local BDSM community (who are great) and have friends and contacts across North America who run a variety of kinky events. Genuinely, if you want to learn from experienced kinksters you've got to come out and meet us. You'd be amazed by the amount of kinky people in North Carolina, and we've got a super healthy and respected community here. If you're local, you have this incredibly valuable resource, and we want to help you become a part of it.

There is, however, a big elephant in the room that we need to address when talking about meeting us (or any kinky folk). Because what we do is erotic, we do get a lot of creepy folks who message us on a variety of social media platforms asking to meet. And they want to meet privately. Here's the thing: that's creepy. Are we happy to meet you at an event like a munch, party, or bar-night? Absolutely! Are we going to invite you to our homes without getting to know you and be friends with you? NO! It's not that we don't want to become friends, but that's just creepy. We understand that you want to be discreet, but if you're not willing to come out to a public event, then you're never going to become part of our community.

So here's the deal: Come find us! If you read our blog, let us know.

Our performance events are on our calendar, but you can find us at the weekly kink night out at Twist Lounge on the first Friday of the month. We also go to a lot of the local munches and sloshes

However the soonest you can find us is at the end of the month at either the Fantasy Fetish Friday or Beer and Fear Bash. (You're much more likely to connect with us on Friday). So come check out our booth, watch our performances, and meet us up on stage at the end of the night!


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