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March update

For the past 2 weeks, the website was down, but we're back! Now that we know this new quirk of our domain provider, we'll make sure it doesn't happen again (for this reason at least).

What's coming up? Well, we've had a lot of people asking about learning to become dominants. It's one of the most asked questions the staff of Fetish After Dark get, and it honestly gives us impostor-syndrome. However, Miss Machete is working on a class to help people out.

As dominance means different things to people, the course will be more of a a journey of self discovery and tools for personal exploration. While we will give a rundown of common mistakes, safety tips, and expectations, the majority of the course will be to help people define and embrace what dominance means to them.

This will flow into the larger event: The Dominants' Retreat. Yup, with COVID being better managed, we're looking to have that this year. The class should happen well in advance for folks who enjoy it and want to explore further, while also allowing people to join the retreat without needing the class.

The retreat should be a nice weekend getaway of relaxation and fun with some discussions around the dinner table. It won't be a weekend of kinky play, but rather a beach weekend to get out and chill with like-minded dominant folks.


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